i am unique

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The "I am unique" tee feels soft and light with just the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for all. We can't compliment this shirt enough–it's one of our crowd favorites, and it's sure to be your next favorite too!

Size: 100
Color: White

Do not iron

Turn the t-shirt inside out of ironing is necessary. Direct & long contact to heat damages the print causing it to peel

Avoid using bleach

The use of bleach or strong detergents might damage prints on a shirt like vinyl prints. Use mild detergents only.

Wash garment inside out

Give your tees an extra protection by avoiding direct contact of the shirt prints to other garments and t-shirts.

Do not tumble dry

The tumbling movement from the dryer could create wrinkles which will be hard to remove without heat.

1.Cassabags can be reused up to 4 times. Store in a dry place within.
2. room temperature to lengthen its shelf life.
Cut into small parts and melt in hot water (at least 60 °C).
3. Allow the mixture to cool down and use it to water your plants.
4. You may also include your Cassabags into your compost bin as a nitrogen component.
5. Cassabags can fully biodegrade in as little as 105 days in home composting, and are safe to be consumed by microorganisms.

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